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February 19
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Metronaut 5 by AaronSmurfMurphy Metronaut 5 by AaronSmurfMurphy
I've been pencilling pages 5 and 6 of Metronaut back to back hence the delay in getting page 5 up here. Page 6 lies on my drawing board with finished pencils which I'll start inking soon, then the whole thing'll be done.

To make up for the uninspired layout of page 4 I went for something much weirder with this page. Hopefully it still flows as the windows and headlights of the tube train take the roles of the panels. I wanted to have fun with objects as framing devices as well as having an open panel where Robo-Plod and Metronaut could lock arms in combat.

The speed lines surrounding the train were originally much more pronounced and designed to look like something out of the Akira manga when say, a Bike, would be hurtling towards the reader. I dropped that at the inking stage when I realised that I couldn't get my lines to taper off just right and the more obvious realisation that at this point in the strip the train is not in motion, merely switched on. So I went for a glowing effect. The hand drawn lens flares were a sod but I was opposed to the idea of photoshopping some in as it would obscure the actions on those panels and look tacky.

The downside of making sure all of this worked is that some of the fighting in the panels looks worryingly static as a result of desperately desiring clarity for the reader. Ho hum.
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crazyfoxmachine Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Awesomely glorious. Or gloriously awesome. TAKE YOUR PICK.

I don't think the fighting looks too static though - !
AaronSmurfMurphy Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
Ah you're too kind. Can I take Gloriously Glorious?
crazyfoxmachine Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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