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Metronaut 6 FINAL PAGE by AaronSmurfMurphy Metronaut 6 FINAL PAGE by AaronSmurfMurphy
This should've been finished a week ago but I decided to take a weekend off and get out my current routine.

So, the final page of Metronaut. It's rather embarrassing that it's taken me over a year on and off to produce a 6 page story. Even worse is that at 6 pages, this is one of my longest comics (it's unnerving when I stop to consider that The Yorkshire Cowboy is projected to run from 80-110 pages)

It's frustrating in a way because I've totally lost any sense of objective review over it all. Too many evenings spent measuring layouts, pencilling weird compositions and inking those bloody gloves...

The original aim was that the story ends this way to show that order/chaos, liberalism/conservatism art/vandalism will go around in circles for as long as we walk the Earth. Metronaut and Robo Plod aren't even people. They're just the manifestations of two very broad views. I tried to use the reflections in the Metronaut's visor to show what it was looking at or trying to communicate & identify with.

I'm still not entirely sure that pays off as an ending for the reader, in a comic that's really a roadrunner cartoon with delusions of grandeur. Again, that could be because I've lost sight of the whole thing.

On to comics new I think...
Naoru Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I feel like I need to read the whole thing properly in print to see if you pulled off that theme or not (is it gonna be printed?). There is something about reading stuff in print that means you can really get a sense of pacing and details in composition that's lost when you read online. The composition is certainly very tight and stunning to look at though! Amazing job!!
AaronSmurfMurphy Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
It is going to be printed in T4L comics sometime later this year.

I agree with what you've written in the sense that if I'd made a comic that was designed to be read solely online I'd have approached layout, pacing and composition very differently. For print comics I always try to do it in a way that leads your eye to the bottom right of the page, where you'll intuitively place your hand to turn the page. I try to work with the flow of the readers eyes in the left to right, heading downward manner (though I appreciate Manga has made this somewhat obsolete).

I still operate on the assumption that any comics I make are intended to be seen in print, turned as pages etc. This may need re-evaluating in the age of smart phones and tablets etc.
Naoru Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah maybe, I'm not sure myself! A lot of people I talk to don't like reading stuff even on tablets, they enjoy the sense of ownership and find it easier to read when they have something irl, and I agree with them :) But tablets/smartphones are definitely better if you want more space and cheaper comics, but yeah I agree changing layouts seems important if changing to a different format.
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March 9, 2014
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